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Planning your warehousing, storage and logistics needs correctly can be the primary driver to developing your business. At BOSS Freight Management building solutions is our speciality and our warehousing team continually delivers solutions for all cargo types and sizes.


BOSS has forged strong relationships with the most reputable 3PL and 4PL companies nationwide together with the top tier warehousing suppliers. Our own warehousing team embraces technology and together with our experience and skills, we consistently build the right solutions of each individual requirement.

Our freight forwarding team individually assesses each storage requirement from start to finish. We are dedicated in providing our customers with the most economical warehousing solutions for their cargo. From container unpack to scan pack or cross docking, BOSS Freight Management’s team will tailor the right solutions for you. Contact us to discuss your warehousing and storage requirements.

Container unpacking involves serious risk, not only to the damage of cargo, but also a risk to the container unpacking workers. We at Boss ensure that all of our partners and workers are fully trained and are meticulous when handling your cargo.

We have the relationships with the right partners Australia wide who have teams dedicated to the unpacking of containers. Whether your cargo consist of hazardous goods or heavy machinery, we have the teams on hand throughout Australia to handle all container unpacking requirements.

Our palletise and shrink wrap services are best in class covering all cargo types from boxes, furniture, machinery through to oversized cargo and project equipment. Our strategic service partners can handle all job types in the most cost effective manner always meticulous in their attention to detail and quality.

Our customised solutions are entirely based around the cargo type and method of freight – domestic or international. Heat activated vinyl shrink film always ensures your cargo is protected from the elements throughout transportation. We always ensure that your cargo is securely protected and strapped to the pallet. The shrink wrap is then applied over cargo, direct to pallet ensuring protection from loading to delivery.

Streamlining order fulfillment from picking warehoused inventory and packing cargo ready for shipment is crucial to ensure smooth operation. We provide solutions covering all types of pack and pick services including: discrete order picking, batch order picking, wave picking and zone picking.

BOSS and our partners integrate the latest inventory management systems to ensure full transparency on all cargo.

Our packing services team ensure all items are ready for transportation with the assurance of no damage or loss throughout

We will organise and arrange the right storage solutions for each cargo type whether indoor, outdoor or reefer.

Understanding your requirement is key in determining the right solution, our secure indoor services allow us to leverage a variety of extra services to tailor a flexible storage option for your cargo.

When looking to accommodate the storage of project cargo, oversized cargo or robust materials, our outdoor storage facilities are available. All facilities are monitored with intelligent security systems as standard

Transition of your goods from semi-trailer, container or rail car onto the next mode of transport requires attention to detail

Whether you require intermediate short term storage in between unloading and loading or whether you require direct transfer onto the outbound carrier, our dedicated cross docking team will ensure efficient transfer of your cargo.

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