Resources and Documentation

Logistics and the shipping of goods and cargo internationally is a very complex and strategically challenging prospect. It requires a lot of expertise and knowledge of international customs regulations and shipping laws – all of which can be extremely confusing.


We have collated what we think are some helpful resources and information to help you determine exactly how you will need to send your shipment, how to calculate costs as well as some dimensional diagrams of shipping containers amongst other things.


It is important that you carefully study these guides and work with your logistics consultant or company to help you make sense of all the information. Our aim is to ensure that you are making informed shipping decisions to avoid problems or discrepancy with customs and carriers regarding size, specification, cargo type or dimension. By avoiding these problems, we maximise your lead time, and avoid delays further down the route and effectively ensure you are paying the correct fees.


Also found here are regulations for Australian customs, for both import and export cargo. These are essential documents and it is imperative that both you and your logistics consultant are aware of what is required for your cargo and what supporting documentation must be produced before your goods can leave, or enter, Australia.


Lastly, the declarations (such as the Shipment Packing Declaration and Annual Packing Declaration) found here are a part of most customs requirements for ocean shipping and, in Australia at least, it is essential that these are filled out and available to present to the relevant authorities at any time.

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