Customs Clearance


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Customs clearance is an integral part of the import process, and without expert guidance, it can be a lengthy and costly one.


BOSS is proud to work with a team of Australia’s most informed Customs Brokers who, with intricate knowledge of Australian Customs import regulations and Quarantine procedures, ensure that your product is imported with minimal interruption and unnecessary cost.


Our freight forwarding team are available for full consultation to learn about your products, to pre-address customs enquiries and provide our specialised knowledge of tariff duty rates; all directed to determine your best savings opportunity, ultimately saving you both time and money.

When importing goods to Austraia, it is a legal obligation of the importer to assess their cargo and report it to Customs by applying the correct tariff classification. Where incorrect or misleading information is submitted, the penalties for an importer can be substantial.


BOSS is partnered with a niche group of icensed Customs brokers, who provide a complete tariff duty service to classify your goods. All of our Customs brokerage providers are fully licensed by the department.

BOSS Freight Management will provide full assistance to ensure your cargo is fully compliant with the regulations of the Customs department when importing goods across the Australian border. We will ensure that your goods are able to pass freely into Australia, prior to shipping


Australian Border Force (ABF) is responsible for the management of people and goods that move across Australia’s border. ABF ensures that no illegal or hazardous goods enter Australia and to also ensure that the movement of legitimate goods is not impeded.


BOSS will ensure you are compliant in all key focus areas of the ABF:

  • Misclassification
  • Undervaluation
  • Non-declaration of goods
  • False claims for GST exemption
  • Improper use of FTAs
  • Incorrect claims for duty refunds

BOSS will provide you with a complete solution, ensuring Customs compliance of your goods and safe-guarding passage of your cargo. Our specialised knowledge of the Customs department’s restrictions and legislations, will provide reassurance that you are compliant with all Customs and quarantine clearance procedures.


Our customs consultancy team will ensure that your goods are handled correctly and are delivered to its destination whilst always aiming to minimise taxes and custom duty import fees.

There are numerous type of Hazardous goods, some of which may surprise you – such as lithium batteries or perfume. Transportation of hazardous items must be properly documented to ensure admittance of cargo across the Australian border


Our Customs brokerage consultants will advise you and provide full assistance for all required documentation to be completed prior to arrival, ensuring your goods pass into Australia without complication.

There are many items that have quantity restrictions and limits or that are banned from crossing the Australian border. When transporting restricted items it is important to know the limits that you are allowed to import and ensure that your cargo is properly declared to the authorities.


We are at hand to provide you all the assistance you require in order to ensure that your goods can indeed be imported into Australia and to ensure that they do not exceed the restricted limits permitted. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of the cargo you are intending to ship.

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