Professional logistics consultants tailoring supply chain solutions



BOSS logistics consultants have years of experience developing effective supply chain solutions to optimise time, cost and communication. We provide specialised solutions based around your business. Our supply chain optimisation team will perform interrogative analysis into your current supply chain, identifying your business strengths and weaknesses.


Supply chain optimisation is only successful with the right planning, and defined into four planning components: strategical, tactical, operational and contingency. Our logistics consultants will carefully determine the overall objectives and resources required, translate the strategic objective into an action plan, ensure tasks are integrated into daily operations and ensure readiness to respond to emergencies.


BOSS logistics consultants are equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the management of your entire supply chain and are experts in identifying opportunities in process optimisation. Our supply chain optimisation team understands that every business is unique regarding its logistics requirements. BOSS is a freight forwarder built on specialised solutions. Contact one of our logistic consultants today and learn about our bespoke supply chain optimisation services.

Using a logistics consultancy service allows you to concentrate on your global ambitions- and take the other necessary steps to accomplish these goals- without having to spend endless hours finding logistical solutions for them.

Our clients come back to us time and time again because we are invested in finding you an end-to-end solution and seeing that solution through to the end. As opposed to dealing with several unaffiliated companies, we use our network of handlers and shipping operators to find the most effective solution for your needs.

We can help you find warehousing solutions and help you to efficiently and accurately track inventory as it moves from location to location – letting you know what is on hand and where.

We help you turn the latest technology into your new logistics management platform, allowing you to see where your shipments are, the latest updates and notes and other relevant information all from your smartphone!

With our customer-centric approach ensures we react quickly and strategically in your key areas of concern to strengthen and address the reliability, agility, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of your current supply chain. Our aim is to keep you as competitive as possible in the fluctuating global market.

BOSS has access to a number of Sourcing Companies overseas that have over 20000 active suppliers and manufactures for a range of products. We can introduce our clients to this network if necessary and assist with ensuring you are buying your product at the best price.

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